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Due to the very intense schedule of the DDS Program in years I,II,III,IV in the academic year 2016/17 the number of hours required to receive credit for PE course has been reduced from 60 to 30 (15 hrs in each semester).

Within the PE course students who have not reached the required 30 hours during first semester are obliged to take part in bike trips organized on Saturdays and Sundays on the exact dates assigned by the course coordinator dr Dorota Palik. Students who can not participate in bike trips for health-related reasons will be directed to appropriate rehabilitation classes after previous submission of a relevant certificate from a doctor.

All arrangements regarding the number of hours already taken by a student as well as the remaining ones required to receive the final credit are made by the PE course coordinator and School Office does not take part in any of those arrangements.

With reference to the above mentioned the following decisions have been made:
  • first semester will be reckoned up following the previously set rules,

  • in 2nd semester (from 20.02 till 14.06.2017) in order to obtain the credit the following requirements will have to be met:

  • students who get credit from PE by attending bike trips will have to do so by participating in min.3 bike trips, having 4 different dates to choose from

The dates of the scheduled bike trips are as follows: 25.03, 26.03, 01.04, 02.04 – in order to receive a credit for the semester one has to participate in 3 bike trips!

Students directed to rehabilitation classes on swimming pool or gym have to take part in 12 out of 15 obligatory classes to recive the credit for 2nd semester (4 swimming pool classes = 1 bike trip).

*sport teams available in JU MC: volleyball, basketball, tennis, athletics, swimming, football, futsal, rowing ergometr, table tennis, skyiing (no training sessions, only competitions), sayiling (no training sessions, only competitions).

Please, contact Ms dr Dorota Palik, PhD, Physical Education coordinator to be a member of sport team:

Studium Wychowania Fizycznego i Sportu
Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego
Collegium Medicum
30-690 Kraków, ul. Badurskiego 19
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