School of Medicine in English




  1. Physical education classes are obligatory.
  2. Students holding medical exemptions are obliged to participate in therapeutic gymnastics classes instead. All doubts as to who can take part in such classes are dealt and settled by the PE department coordinator. Therapeutic gymnastics classes are held in different time than regular PE classes but in the same place.
  3. To complete the course a student has to attend 13 out of 15 classes in each semester. Every absence has to be made up. Only one absence can be made up in a single day. The classes can be made up only by activities organized and run by PE department of Jagiellonian University Medical College. Any other forms of activity outside the Medical College will not justify absences and will not be considered for receiving the final credit.
  4. Change of training group is only possible in special cases after permission given by the teacher and should be settled with the coordinator up to the first three weeks of each semester.
  5. Dress codes for PE classes:
    GYM – sports track, t-shirt, shorts, clean indoor non-marking shoes
    SWIMMING POOL – swimsuit, cap, flip flops, towel, soap.
  6. There is  a possibility of receiving a PE credit by being a member of the AZS sports club (Jagiellonian University academic sports association) and representing the University at different competitions. Students who are willing to join one of the sections of the organization and will regularly attend its trainings will receive PE credit and be exempted from obligatory classes.
  7. PE (physical education) is part of DDS and MD curriculum. Student who will not be present on the required  number of hours (12 during one semester and 24 during whole academic year) will not receive the course credit and will be charged with the costs of repeating PE course in the amount of about 480 PLN per one year. The failed course will have to be made up in the subsequent semester.
  8. For participating in sports cups under the patronage of our University authorities (swimming, basketball, skiing, tennis, volleyball and „run 5 for a good start”) the student gets TWO PRESENCES! Top 3 places credit for one semester of physical education. You can also obtain credit for  PE classes for completing the Cracovia Marathon.



KU AZS UJ COLLEGIUM MEDICUM    II semester 2023/2024


Women’s volleyball  Tuesday, Thursday

Tuesday      19.00 – 20.30       ul.  Badurskiego 19   sector A, B

Thursday     19.00 – 20.30        ul. Badurskiego 19  sector A, B


Men’s volleyball Tuesday, Thursday

Tuesday     20.30 – 22.00       ul. Badurskiego 19 sector A, B

Thursday    20.30 – 22.00        ul. Badurskiego 19 sector A, B         


Women’s basketball – Monday, Wednesday

Monday       18.30 – 20.00       ul. Badurskiego 19, sector A, B

Wendesday  18.00 – 19.30       ul. Badurskiego 19  sector A, B


Men’s basketball – Monday, Wednesday

Monday        20.00 – 21.30     ul. Badurskiego 19, sector A, B

Wednesday   19.30 – 21.00    ul.  Badurskiego 19,    sector A, B


Track and Field –  Monday, Tuesday

Monday  20.00 – 21.30          AWF ul.  Śniadeckich 12

Tuesday  19.00 – 20.30             ul. Komandosów 29


Football– Thursday

Thursday          21.00 – 22.30    ul. Rakowicka 27 gym UEK


Women’s Futsal  – Monday

Monday    19.00 – 20.30   gym UR al. 29 Listopada 58      


Tennis- Tuesday

Tuesday 20.00 – 21.30 Courts ul. Zarzecze 124A



Tuesday  18.30 – 20.00 ul. Badurskiego 19              aerobics gym      

contact with:  Paweł Leja


Powerlifting (trójbój  siłowy)

Monday   18.30 – 20.00


 Sailing and Chess

Contact : mgr Grzegorz Ginter 506 114 498


Indoor rowing

Piastowska 26 Street SWFiS UJ  from november to march, tusday 17:00-19:00 and thursday 19:15-21:15

Contact : mgr Mariusz Stańczuk



Kościuszki Street 38, rowing marina AZS AWF Kraków, october and  from march to june, tusday, wednesday, thursday 6:00-8:00

Contact : mgr Mariusz Stańczuk